AADW Mission

Enhancing women’s oral-systemic health through education and outreach programs.


Women are biologically unique. They are exposed to a different set of risks than men. They are also uniquely positioned to improve not just oral but also systemic health of their families and children if their own oral health improves or their attitude towards oral and dental care improves. Women should be concerned about questions such as -
Is it safe to go to the dentist when I’m pregnant? What dental medications or procedures are safe during pregnancy? Do women with high rate of dental decay expose their children to the same problem? Why do women suffer so much more with TMJ disorders? How does the treatment for osteoporosis expose me to a kind of severe jaw bone necrosis? Will vaccinating my daughter against HPV protect her from Oral cancer too? Why are women with untreated gum disease more likely to have complications during child-birth? What are the latest trends in dental esthetics and beauty?